Friday, September 7, 2018

Hey Folks!  Happy September!

Since we last posted, we won the Gazette Reader's Choice poll for Best Wine List.  This is the 3rd year in a row that we've won. Thank you to all y'all for voting for us!

RetroFaire is Sept 8th and right outside our door.  We will be open our normal schedule.  I know we've opened early for this in the past, but we weren't actually well patronizedduring the extra hours, so we are not doing that this year.  We will have the oyster special that we've done for this in the past, with the price break on a half dozen oysters as well as the full dozen.  And the rest of the full menu.  Inside and outside.

Arts Night Out  is September14th.  It's usually a busy night for us, so you might want to make reservations.

Redbeard the Pirate.  Barbarossa.  We've all heard him mentioned in stories and movies.  He was born in Lesbos, which is now part of Greece but was part of the Ottoman Empire back then.  That happens to be where my family is from, and may explain why I am so into Talk Like A Pirate Day.  It's September 19th, and if ye talk like a pirate we'll give you 5% off!