ConVino Wine Bar

in Northampton Mass

Thornes has already said they will be closed due to the icy weather, which will make access to ConVino treacherous. We plan to be open on Monday the 21st at 5pm as usual.

Welcome to ConVino, a spot for delicious wines and foods in a setting that is stylish without attitude, comfortable but not frumpy, grown up but not stodgy.

Located in the basement of Thornes, we serve Mediterranean inspired fare and have a vast variety of wine by the glass (over 70 last time we counted). Come on in—sip, snack, and enjoy. Because everything is better with wine.

Weekend Pairing Special

Sam, who is one of ConVino's cooks, suggested Gnocchi for this week's pairing special. I love good gnocchi, but it's a pain to make in quantity, and it is so rarely the right texture. He made them for me, and Wow! they were really good. So I had him make enough for 8 orders. They will come in a creamy spinach and feta sauce.

We paired it with the Gaia Rosé. The salinity in the wine marries the salty feta and garlicky spinach. It's quite lovely.

Live Music

Tony Silva and his Spanish Guitar have gone to Chile for a month!!

We will be closed because of the storm on Sunday, so we have rescheduled the Fumi Tomita Jazz duo. They will be here next Sunday, January 27th, from 6pm-8pm.


Happy New Year!

Join us for our Midnight in Paris party New Year's Eve.  We'll be open at 4pm which is earlier than our usual Monday time.  The ...

Friday, December 28, 2018

Happy New Year!

Join us for our Midnight in Paris party New Year's Eve.  We'll be open at 4pm which is earlier than our usual Monday time. 

The Northampton fireworks are at 6:15, set off from the roof of the parking garage.  So have an early snack and see the fireworks, or come later for dinner.

We'll be Closed for New Year's Day, and we'll also be closed on January 2nd, so our staff can have a holiday party.

We are starting our 5th year today.  Thank you so much for your support over the years.  We look forward to seeing you in 2019!

Friday, November 16, 2018

Let the Holidays Begin

Well, we've had our first big snowfall, so I guess we'll just jump into the holidays full speed.

Tomorrow, Nov 17th, is Bag Day - a huge shopping extravaganza in Northampton.  ConVino is the perfect spot to take a break, have some wine, check your list, strategize your best route to the next retail success, fortify with some fancy fries and sally forth.

Thanksgiving is next week.  We will be open regular hours on Wednesday and Friday, though we'll be closed on Thursday.  If you are planning to meet up with a bunch of friends and you would like to be in our Lounge area, you should call and reserve it.  We seem to have more 5-8 people groups the night before Thanksgiving, so just a heads up.

December 1st is Northampton's Holiday Stroll from 5pm-8pm.  They'll close Main Street and have various family oriented festivities.  We're a cozy and relatively calm spot to break from the outdoor activities. 

We will be Closed to the general public on Monday, December 10th.  We've been rented out for a Holiday Party!  We only do one buy-out per holiday season, so if it sounds like something you might like to do, call early for next year.  Groups of up to 20 may still be able to be accommodated this year.  If  you would like to have your Holiday Party at ConVino give us a call, and we will see if we can do it.

We will be Closed on Christmas, New Year's Day, and also January 2nd (for our annual Staff Party). Christmas Eve we will be open from 1-5pm with a limited menu.

Don't forget that ConVino gift certificates make a great holiday present.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Well, Happy Autumn in New England, everyone.  We are starting to have cooler days and crisp nights, and a few leaves are starting to turn.  Soon we will be in full Leaf Season.

We're changing a few things on the menu.

The Corn Risotto with Goat Cheese and Basil that we had for September was delicious and used massive amounts of corn cobs to make the stock.  As the corn and basil season is winding down, we're changing the risotto to Ratatouille Risotto.  All arborio.  No corn.  With goat cheese, and with our ratatouille over the top.

We do have a fair amount of corn kernels cut from the afore mentioned cobs.  So we added a new flatbread with caramelized onions, corn, goat cheese and basil.  It goes beautifully with the Thurnhof Muscat from Alto Adige, by the way.

The Pesto di Noci toasts are back for fall, as are the Roasted Beet Salad and the Filet Mignon.

Lots of fun stuff is happening on the weekends in October.  This weekend, the Paradise City Arts Festival is at the Fairgrounds.  Gorgeous stuff to wander around and look at.  The show closes at 6 each day, just in time for a delicious dinner at ConVino?

Arts Night Out is next Friday and has a jazzy theme as a lead in to the upcoming jazz festival. 

The Northampton Jazz Festival is October 19-21.  We will have Sarah Clay singing her vintage vocals with Draa Hobbs on guitar and Steven Bulmer on bass from 7-9 on the 19th for the Jazz Strut. You will want to make reservations for this, as we will fill up.

And Halloween is a-comin'.  I never know who on my staff is going to wear a costume to work, but somebody always amazes me with their costume cleverness.  We'll give one free Fancy Fries per table if at least one person at the table is in costume.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Hey Folks!  Happy September!

Since we last posted, we won the Gazette Reader's Choice poll for Best Wine List.  This is the 3rd year in a row that we've won. Thank you to all y'all for voting for us!

RetroFaire is Sept 8th and right outside our door.  We will be open our normal schedule.  I know we've opened early for this in the past, but we weren't actually well patronizedduring the extra hours, so we are not doing that this year.  We will have the oyster special that we've done for this in the past, with the price break on a half dozen oysters as well as the full dozen.  And the rest of the full menu.  Inside and outside.

Arts Night Out  is September14th.  It's usually a busy night for us, so you might want to make reservations.

Redbeard the Pirate.  Barbarossa.  We've all heard him mentioned in stories and movies.  He was born in Lesbos, which is now part of Greece but was part of the Ottoman Empire back then.  That happens to be where my family is from, and may explain why I am so into Talk Like A Pirate Day.  It's September 19th, and if ye talk like a pirate we'll give you 5% off!

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Oh, the dog days of summer!

You probably noticed that I didn't get a post out last month.  And it's already the middle of August.  Time flies.

So last month, Monte Belmonte featured Franchesca in an article in the Advocate and had excerpts from the interview on his radio show on The River.  Here are links:

Corn and Tomatoes and Basil and Zucchini and Green Beans and Cucamelons are all in the Farmers' Markets now.  We are trying to put them in as many things as we can.  Peppers and Beets are coming in now and soon.  We'll be doing what we can to get them onto the menu.

Back to School time is rushing toward us, and "Summer" is almost over.  But Summer doesn't end til September 21st.  It's rosé season all year at ConVino, but rosé is a limited quantity product for many of our producers.  We will try to keep 5 still rosés on til the end of actual Summer.

We'll be doing our annual oysters and white wine thing when Retrofaire comes to Armory Plaza on September 8th.  We'll open at 1:00 - 2 hours early - and do oysters and limited white wine and beer outside only until 3:00 and then be open with the full menu and inside seating as well, as usual.

That's what's up.  Hope you're having a great summer.  See y'all soon!

Friday, July 13, 2018

Friday, June 8, 2018

Summer is coming!

Hey Everyone!

It's June! And, in addition to my birthday being smack dab in the middle of the month, there are a lot of good things happening at ConVino.

We're in that part of the year when the weather is often nice enough to have our music outside. Tony is super psyched to play outside whenever the weather allows, all the Sundays and Mondays this month.
We have a special musical addition on the first official Friday of Summer. The Other Cat's Pajamas have agreed to come play (outside, weather permitting). It's 1930s accordion and guitar tangos and waltzes from Argentina and a lot of places. We have had them here before and you loved them. We did too! So they'l be here on Friday the 22nd. If it rains, they'll be inside.

Django in June starts Monday the 11th. We always enjoy the international influx of artists and aficionados of Gypsy Jazz that come to this event every year. There are a lot of impromptu performances on Smith campus and around town, and the Academy of Music has concerts on the 15th and 16th. Stop in and fortify yourselves for le jazz hot.

The 8th is Arts Night Out. We look forward to being part of your art appreciation evening. We're open, as usual on Fridays, from 3-Midnight, so join us before during or after. Father's Say is the 17th. Treat Dad to a nice dinner out.