Thursday, January 24, 2019

What's coming up? I'll tell you...

Well, this weekend there is a lot.

I was recently informed that the last Saturday of every month is "Open that Bottle Day."  We open bottles every day around here, but there is One that needs to be opened.  In 2015, we bought a few magnums of a gorgeous California Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre called The Trancendentalist.  We sold one very quickly, it took over a year to sell another, and we have had just the one left for a very long time.  What we've learned is that our customers really like to try a bunch of different glasses of wine, and they rarely want a bottle with 10 glasses of the same wine.  It was a good learning.  And now, we're going to pull the cork on the last bottle of the Trancendentalist and sell it by the glass.  We took a Coravin taste of it, just to be sure that it wasn't corked.  It is maybe even better for having almost 4 extra years in the bottle.   To add to the experience, we're going to serve it with a plate of Pesto di Noci toasts.  It's a lovely sip and snack for $14.50, while it lasts.

Saturday night, we're going to take a jump to the left, and then a step to the right.  We're going to put the Rocky Horror Picture Show on the screens at 10:15.  I suggest drinking an actual toast, rather than throwing toast at the screen.  I mean, we do have wine, and we're not underage in a movie theater.

Sunday, we have the rescheduled Fumi Tomita duo from 6pm - 8pm.  They were supposed to play last Sunday, but we had that "weather event".  So glad to have decent weather on tap for this Sunday.  It should be a great evening of jazz.

Then we'll have the SAG awards on the screen in the bar until closing time.

There's more when February gets here, and I'll post more soon.  Spoiler Alert:  We will not have the Super Bowl on the screens here.