Caroline McDaniel (the chef/owner) is half-Greek and grew up in the South. Her Greek grandmother, Thelxiope, taught her the importance of how making a dish should feel instead of just mechanically producing recipes. With this creative encouragement, after she graduated from Smith College, Caroline went on to culinary study at La Varenne in Paris where she finished first in her class. In the 80’s, she opened CMcD’s CafĂ© in Northampton, which closed a few years later due to the slow-moving economy. She worked for over twenty years in New York restaurants with some of America’s best chefs, including Judy Rogers, Brendan Walsh, Andy D’Amico, David Kinch, Pat Williams and Tom Colicchio.

Now, she’s at it again.

ConVino opened its doors on December 29th, 2014 and we have won the Best of the Valley’s Best Wine List award for four years in a row. This business is women-owned and run—our Front of House Manager, our Sous Chef, and our Beverage Manager are quite the force.