Thursday, April 11, 2019


We seem to have made it through Winter, finally.  Doesn't look like it will dip below freezing again.  I'm about to move the palm tree back out to the patio and get the patio furniture out of storage. 

I don't plan to start setting up the patio for a little while.  We open at 5pm most days, and by that hour, it is really a bit too chilly to be sitting outside.  I know we have a heater and blankets, but I'm tellin' ya, don't expect it til May.

Passover and Easter are in a couple of weeks.   We wish you all joyous holidays.  We will, as usual, be closed on Easter Sunday.  It's one of the 5 days a year that Thornes is closed, so we get to be closed. 

On April 28th, a bunch of restaurants in town are collaborating on  a Cheese Walk.  We'll have a cheese or two paired with half glasses of wine.  I am trying to source some cheeses that are hard to get in Western Mass for this event, so I'm not sure just yet what we'll have.  They'll be tasty, though, for sure.  And I know Franchesca is looking forward to finding the perfect pairings.

The Northampton Pride Parade is May the Fourth.  (I don't know if the parade organizers realized that it's also a Star Wars holiday.)   You know I always say everything is better with (con) wine (vino), and it's especially true about parades, I find.  If the weather's nice, the patio will be open.  A perfect place to proudly unwind from the festivities.

Take Mom out to ConVino for Mother's Day.  We will open 2 hours early at 1:00 and have our full menu plus some Brunchy items.  Say "I love you, Mom!" with a couple of Mimosas and Brioche French Toast.  Or a dozen oysters and a bottle of Muscadet on the patio. 

Graduation season starts actually the Friday before Mother's Day, with UMass graduation.  The weekend after is Smith, Mt. Holyoke and Hampshire, and Memorial Day Weekend is Amherst.  Reservations are highly recommended on those weekends.

We look forward to seeing you often as the school year winds down and through the Summer.