Sunday, August 12, 2018

Oh, the dog days of summer!

You probably noticed that I didn't get a post out last month.  And it's already the middle of August.  Time flies.

So last month, Monte Belmonte featured Franchesca in an article in the Advocate and had excerpts from the interview on his radio show on The River.  Here are links:

Corn and Tomatoes and Basil and Zucchini and Green Beans and Cucamelons are all in the Farmers' Markets now.  We are trying to put them in as many things as we can.  Peppers and Beets are coming in now and soon.  We'll be doing what we can to get them onto the menu.

Back to School time is rushing toward us, and "Summer" is almost over.  But Summer doesn't end til September 21st.  It's rosé season all year at ConVino, but rosé is a limited quantity product for many of our producers.  We will try to keep 5 still rosés on til the end of actual Summer.

We'll be doing our annual oysters and white wine thing when Retrofaire comes to Armory Plaza on September 8th.  We'll open at 1:00 - 2 hours early - and do oysters and limited white wine and beer outside only until 3:00 and then be open with the full menu and inside seating as well, as usual.

That's what's up.  Hope you're having a great summer.  See y'all soon!