Saturday, October 6, 2018

Well, Happy Autumn in New England, everyone.  We are starting to have cooler days and crisp nights, and a few leaves are starting to turn.  Soon we will be in full Leaf Season.

We're changing a few things on the menu.

The Corn Risotto with Goat Cheese and Basil that we had for September was delicious and used massive amounts of corn cobs to make the stock.  As the corn and basil season is winding down, we're changing the risotto to Ratatouille Risotto.  All arborio.  No corn.  With goat cheese, and with our ratatouille over the top.

We do have a fair amount of corn kernels cut from the afore mentioned cobs.  So we added a new flatbread with caramelized onions, corn, goat cheese and basil.  It goes beautifully with the Thurnhof Muscat from Alto Adige, by the way.

The Pesto di Noci toasts are back for fall, as are the Roasted Beet Salad and the Filet Mignon.

Lots of fun stuff is happening on the weekends in October.  This weekend, the Paradise City Arts Festival is at the Fairgrounds.  Gorgeous stuff to wander around and look at.  The show closes at 6 each day, just in time for a delicious dinner at ConVino?

Arts Night Out is next Friday and has a jazzy theme as a lead in to the upcoming jazz festival. 

The Northampton Jazz Festival is October 19-21.  We will have Sarah Clay singing her vintage vocals with Draa Hobbs on guitar and Steven Bulmer on bass from 7-9 on the 19th for the Jazz Strut. You will want to make reservations for this, as we will fill up.

And Halloween is a-comin'.  I never know who on my staff is going to wear a costume to work, but somebody always amazes me with their costume cleverness.  We'll give one free Fancy Fries per table if at least one person at the table is in costume.