Thursday, May 3, 2018

May the Fourth be with you!

Be with us on May the Fourth and/or any other day in May.  There's a lot going on.

The Patio is open!  We have had some rainy moments during this warm spell, but for the most part, people are back to sitting outside here at ConVino.

Saturday is Gay Pride.  The parade starts near us and goes to the fairgrounds.  We open at 3:00 as usual, and those of our staff who march will have time to get back here and get ready for y'all to wend your way back for some post Pride March revelry.

Saturday is also Cinco de Mayo.  We will have Avocado Pico de Gallo as a choice of dips on the Two Dips platter.  And we will have Faux-jitos - muddled mint and lime with cava and vermouth.  So delicious.

And since they're minty, they can also be your Julep substitute during the Kentucky Derby.  The Derby will be on the screens for whatever they call "the red carpet" portion of the Derby, and post time is 6:50pm.  By about 6:55 we will be turning off the TVs and getting back to Cinco de Prido.

Next weekend starts the Graduation Season here in the Valley.  UMass on Friday the 11th.  Congratulations to all, but especially Elliot, who has worked for us since February of 2016, and Gina who just started a month ago.  It's hard work to have a job and get decent grades.  It's impressive.  And now you're graduating!  WooHoo!

All the rest, Smith, Mount Holyoke, Hampshire and Amherst graduate the following weekend.  Congratulations to all those graduates as well.  We look forward to seeing all the alumnae and family members who have come to celebrate, and who may just need a moment with some wine to regroup.

May 13th is Mother's Day!  We will open at 1:00 for late Brunch with Eggs Benedict, Brioche French Toast, Huevos ConVinos and our full regular menu. 

We're open as usual for Memorial Day Weekend. Smith Reunion and Paradise City Arts Festival will bring folks to town. We hope to see you here!

It was snowing two weeks ago, 85 degrees today.  2018.  It's a constant wonder.