Friday, January 5, 2018

Happy New Year!

Thanks to all of you who rang in the new year with us.  The whole evening was fun, and the prix fixe dinner a great success.  We, the staff, always enjoy the last couple of hours the most, as the pressure of the prix fixe rush diminishes and party atmosphere picks up.  Tony Silva played beautifully, as always, and we sabered a few bottles.  Nothing more fun than sabering indoors, I gotta say.  And this year we have a curtain for the entryway (thanks Susan!) that was a perfect backstop for the flying corks.  Fun Fun Fun!

I want to thank all my staff for all their efforts to prepare us for New Year's Eve.  A bunch of the staffed stayed late one night to put up the lights and decorations for the Moulin Rouge effect.  Amanda got all the prix fixe items into the POS system and made sure it was glitch free, and got it done before the 31st.  Liz had demos of all the prix fixe items for us all to taste and so Franchesca could pair everything before the 30th.  And all that allowed me to get the menus done and printed without rushing around like crazy on New Year's Eve in the freezing cold.  Thank you one and all!

Next Friday is Arts Night Out.  Always a good idea to make a reservation on Fridays and Saturdays, but especially on Arts Night Out. 

We're going to be changing a few items on the menu.  Bringing back Chorizo Pot Pie and the Steak and Pesto Flatbread.  Some of the wines will be changing too.  We're at the time of year when wines go out of vintage and we can't get them, so we find replacements.  So come in and get your favorites while we still have them!

We are officially in our fourth year now.  I can hardly believe that three years have gone by, but I've gone grey, so some time has definitely passed.  Thank you all for liking what we do here.  We look forward to seeing you all when you get here.  We wish you all the best in the new year.