Friday, October 6, 2017

Ch, ch, ch Changes

Hey Everybody,

Did you know that we donate a portion of the proceeds of one of our wines to a different charity every month?  We give $3 per glass purchase or $14 per bottle purchase to the cause of the month.  Our wine last month and probably for the rest of this month is Boutinot, Cuvée Jean Paul. 2016.  It's a lovely, juicy, medium bodied red from the Vaucluse.

I wish it were hard to figure out who to give to as the month changes, but every month there's something that clearly could use every penny that can be collected.  Hurricane Harvey hit the Houston area at the end of August.  The Houston Food Bank was our September donation.  Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico at the end of September.  October's donation will go to Banco de Alimentos de Puerto Rico.  Come have a glass or a bottle for the cause!

We've changed out the Summer menu items for Fall dishes.  The gazpacho, boquerones, caprese sandwich and camaraõ moçambique are gone.  Acorn Squash Bisque, Pesto di Noci toasts and Ratatouille & Pilaf are here.  Very shortly (I forgot to order butternut squash last night) we will have Butternut Sage Risotto.  Other stuff will arrive too, but this is the first push into Fall.

We have a new Pinot Blanc from Alsace and a new Pinot Noir from Oregon, which makes about 10 new arrivals in the last couple of weeks.  So if you haven't been in, you've got some catching up to do.

And we've started doing a very limited Special Pairing on Fridays and until it runs out.  It's a non-"small plates" entrée paired with a glass of wine.  Tonight, it's Seared Salmon with Parsnip Smash and Sautéed Rainbow Chard paired with our new(-ish) white Bordeaux, Doisy-Daëne, $29.  Might have it tomorrow, or it might be gone.

See you soon!